New Blog

Holas and good afternoon my good people. I will be retiring as the bewitched reporter..I know sad faces..haha. My RL has gotten to be too much so Shel will be taking it from here. They have set up a blog on their own domain since I have been having issues with this one. Please click the link below and update your links and favorites list. Shel has also got another site going called Grid Style. It is basically a site consisting of things Shel likes. There have been posts about her friends work and just designers she has never met. Lyselle and maybe some of the other girls will be working on the site as well showing off finds they have come across in their many shopping quests...haha. Hugs y'all and ty for reading..I hope to see ya on the main blog!!
Kory Jewell signing out!


Hair outta the wazooooooooo!!

Biiiiiiiiiiig release this week, a total of 18 styles, 3 for the men and 15 for the ladies. Though a few of the ladies styles are unisex, so think of it as you will....haha. First off we have Whisper, this is a sexy flowing look and unisex. It has that awesome flippy texture and lots of little strands for a more natural look. Second shown here is Ginnifer, sultry Latin inspired side pony with those signature sexy bangs your always sure to get at Bewitched. The curls are of the new flexi curl texture released 2 weeks ago. The next here is Tiffany, very cute up-do style with flexi tendrils in the front and flexi curls in the back. Last in this picture is Apache, this is an awesome Native American style. There is banding around parts of the hair in the front, a leather strand hanging from the left side with a feather, there is also a scalp tattoo of an eagle for the left side of the head where there is no hair. A must see!!!
In this second set of styles, the first shown is Parker, this is a pigtail style with little curl flexi tendrils falling off the little piggy-buns in the back and of course a set of the sexy ass bangs that are a standard at Bewitched. Sienna is the second style shown and is a girly emo style. Around the face and sides there is ragged flexi strands and the back has a short sleek look. This one also comes with a little girlie punk barrette that is optional (it's too cute, it is pink with white polka dots and has a little skull in the middle). In the middle here we have Sabine, this is a cute little piggie set with tailored bangs and texture change bands keeping those fly aways tame:P. Fourth here is Teagan, this style is almost to sexy to wear, it's like a .."I'm wet, I'm in the mood and I was just in a cat fight with the cute chick from next door" look...need I say more?..haha. Last here is Tara, this one is stunning, it has the twisted/braided look perfect for any of the ethnic ladies out there. The rolls pull back to a high top bun, held in place with larger braids and falling off the back of this style is soft flexi curls.

In this hairy decadence shot we have 5 more ultra grrrr baby yeah quaffs..haha. First shown is Lindsey, this is a low to the neck ponytail with long sultry curls ticklin the butt. There is also alot of beautiful movement in the front and side with little wisps of flexi bits. Second in line here is Jorja, a very classic up-do, simple but classy. This one also has hair stick with bling that you can turn off or on. In the middle we have Romantic, I love this up-do its so soft and messy, it would be great for a formal or a casual event. Fourth here is Rachel, a simple look that would go with any outfit and I would think it even unisex. Last here is my fav of this release, its called Krisitn and you wear it and feel like Marylin Munro. It's sexy, sultry, girlie, playful and cute all wrapped up in one...which is the way every woman's hair should look. Grab your lingerie ladies and show you what your made of this Valentines day with this one!
Ok here last but not least we have the mens styles for this release. First shown is Joel, this is a Faux hawk made ever popular by the new baby daddy Joel Madden of Good Charlotte. Next shown here is rAVE!, another sexy faux hawk rock do that has two versions included, one with emo bangs and one without. Last shown...haha..is the ever popular comb over, total riot I know. This one is called Donald..no not Trump, that hair could never be remastered..haha. Cool thing about this one is it comes with the beard, but of course is optional.
We hope you come check out all the new goodies and spank the subscribe 'o' matic if you haven't already to get first hand news and updates about the goings on at Bewitched. (group gifts are also a benefit for joining either the traditional group or the subscribe 'o' matic)
Also don't forget about tonight's concert on Lemon Island in the recreational area (same place as Shel's recent Rezz day bash). Taking the stage will be Jaggpro McCann, Blue4u Nowicka and Fosythe Whitfield. Hope to see you there!!


Secret sales

The secret sales have begun this week and they will be done a little different to be sure everyone has a chance to come get their goodies. Once round 1 is over round 2 will be gin as always but round one will be left in tact. Meaning that there will be twice as many items for sale during the sales this week. When the third round comes all previous boxes will also be left on sale until the big release on Saturday. So you weekenders or late nighters have plenty of time this week to get in your secret sale shopping.

Be sure you don't forget about the live concert on Saturday!!!


New release news and Concert on Saturday!!

There will be some live entertainment on Lemon Island this coming Saturday, January 26th, starting at 4p SLT and ending around 8pm SLT. There will be 3 artists hitting the stage, First up is Forsythe Whitfield from 4-6 pm, then we have a combo of Jaggpro McCann and Blue4u Nowicka. As always the parties at Bewitched are a blast...hope to see ya there!!!

Saturday is also the scheduled time for the big release. At least 14 new styles will be set out this day..so keep an eye out on the blog for updates on the release and when u can get your group gift!


Subscribe 'o' matic

For those of you who love the Bewitched Hair group for all its goodies and info but hate the chat and spam....there is now a subscribe 'o' matic in the main hall. All you need to do it touch it and you will be privy to info on secret sales, new releases, events and get items such as the group gifts and the secret sale lists. Essentially the original group and the new automated one are the same , aside from there being no spam or chat in the automated one. We hope that having both the groups will reduce the amount of people complaining about being bothered by the chat in the group. Spread the word...BEWITCHED HAS GONE SPAM FREE!!...hahaha


Secret sale!!

Shel and Fall are having a secret sale today...there is also randon everything packs set at 50% off...o.O....There have also been 2 packs chose as "secret" packs . If you purchase one or both of these packs you recieve a gift certificate redeemable for any hair pack of your choice (excluding everything packs).If you didn't ge tthe notice and list check your group info under notices and look for todays date to snag a copy of the list. ..oh.....and don't forget......HAVE FUN!!


Shel's Rezz-day bash!!

Shel's turning the big 2..o.O..old hag:P..hahaha JK!. Annnyway...tomorrow night (Saturday January the 12Th) there will be a big party to celebrate. There will be live music by Jaggpro McCann and Forsythe Whitfield. Prizes to be given out like gift cards, hair and lindens. Just like in the good Ole' day of the Hair in Your Food Cafe (for those of you who have been round since the beginning) we'll be partying it up like its the last day in SL!!. Fall and Shel hope to see you there with your dancing shoes on and possible even those bikinis since it will be held in the recreational area........check the picture below to see where the concert will be held.