7 new releases!!!

Gotta love release day wooot......Shels got 7 out this time..one of which has costume pieces (rest of the outfit from the pic can be bought at Bewitched Designs) and is called Archangel...the hair itself is called Angelica and comes with color change wings, eyes, prim eyes with bling and 2 versions of the hair..one with and one without the color change halo. Second shown here is Scottie, this one was designed for this dress which can be bought @ Bewitched Designs. The hair has a simple bang, part down the left side and is accented with knotting around the crown of the head. Third (purple outfit) is Willow, yet another inspiration of a Bewitched Designs outfit..very sexy sweep from left over the right shoulder with Bewitched Hairs signature flexi curls. Fourth (white dress) is Petra, this one comes with texture change bangs and egyptian accents, which are optional. The style itself is a loose messy braid which hangs over the left shoulder with a blunt cut. Fifth is Showgirl, definitly a unque style..up-do/formal/gothy/mohawk/classic...it kinda suits it all. This one has the cute little mini top hat which is optional and texture changeable...also the veil is colorable and flexi. Sixth (very top) is Celeste, cute sassy cut with blunt but soft bangs. This style has flexi throughout to give added movement and soften the look. Last but not least is Bridget, its a "I wanna go driving in a 1963 convertable" kinda hair. This one comes with a texture change scarf and texture change glasses which can be worn either in the top of the head or on the bridge of the nose. Its a side pony with a small gethering on the left side top of the head, the pony itself is waist length and made of flexi curls.

We have sales often and fun things goin on all the time on the island and there is usually someone always around to give a hand.


6 New Styles

6 new releases to kick off this weekend...first we have Lyra, sexy sleek shoulder blade length style with swag bangs and a soft fringe on the ends. Second is Madison, ass ticklin sexy up-do, done with our new whispy texture. Also included with this style is a set of detachable texture change bangs. Third is Nikki, this is a fabulous pigtail type style which has also been done in one of our signature textures. The movement os this style is just awesome and it comes in 2 lengths in each pack. Next is Rumor, sexy curly style with feature flattering bangs. Fith is Scarlett, this is a sexy sweep style which flows slightly from the left to the right with bangs that sweep over the right eye. Bangs on this one are also texture change though not detachable. Last is Shiloh,trendy up-do/down-do, great for a formal outfit or just rompin round in ur jammies.
Also dont forget out our Breast Cancer awareness freebies out int he shop for mena dn women (mens are unisex)...3 styles in 3 different shades of pink for 1L....think pink ribbon also incl.


8 new styles and a NEW TEXTURE!!!

8 hot new styles out..and when i say hot i mean it. I am soo loving the new texture Shel has..it's a kinda sorta fethery , whispy, shag look...its very sexy and very realistic looking. Also as always the Bewitched hair just moves so nice, your gonna love em. First we have Alycia, once again Fall has outdone himself with the sculpties, the riding hat looks awesome and with that new texture u can't go wrong. That hat is also texture changeable so it will go with just about anything. Second we have Dakota, very sexy length and the sweep bangs give a sultry look no matter your pose. Third is Alycia 2, this is the same as the origninal one but the hat is detachable and texture change as well. Fourth is Lola, slick half updo half ponytail, great for a more formal look or a chic modern look in Greenwich Village. Fifth is Crystal, a very sleek style with sexy soft and feathery bangs. Then we have Gracie, cute but classy shoulder length style done with the new texture..and it comes with texture change bags that are optional. Seventh is Talulah, messy pulled back up-do/ponytail with soft blunt bangs and flyaways on the crown. Last is Flower Child, yet another sleek style with razored bangs and comes with optional daisey wreath.

Also all everything packs have been marked down to 750L!!!

Shel also wanted me to give a mention to the new staff here @ Bewitched...

Lyselle Munro~Manager

PinkSkittlez Lane~Rep

Aniaz Oh~Rep

Cathryn Kappler~Rep

Shanti Sands~Rep

Shawndra Shilova~Rep

Also there is a whole new costomer service area with teleport map, lots of info on store policies and customer support.

New costume

New divalicious comstume out on Lemon Isand. This is a colaboration work by Wiccan of Bewitched Designs, Shel from Bewitched Hair and Lyra from Body Doubles.


4 new styles & costume

OK...Fallin has out done himself with these new sculptie hats..they are so awesome..and Shel has ben having a ball with em as you can see. Shes gotten requests for more styles with hats..and shes here to please....first we have Mylie....modern retro feel..but also good for formal wear or even if you wanted to goth it up some...its a great everyday look, it even has texture change in the bands. Next is Matilda, texture change sculptie cowboy hat and those sexy swaying curls Shel is so famous for..haha. Third is Julep, as in mint julep, it reminded Shel of the southern ladies out for the afternoon in the south watching the Kentucky Derby....hat is texture change and flowers are color change and the style is a side pony done in the flexi curls. Fourth is Cassidy, cute knotted pigtails with sultry sweep bangs, topped off with a texture change cowboy hat.
Ok and last but not least is the Cosin IT costume...gawd I thought I was gonna die laughin when i saw it..never had i even seen on in SL before and you'd of thunk someone would have done it...if someone has...my appologies...just never seen it.....Shels magic fingers are all over this one though the flexi as always @ Bewitched moves awesome and comes with a shape, a glitch outfit, the hair with hat attached and a titler with the ever famous ""yippiieippppipeeepppiiieeppyyypppiipppeeppeppeep !" text ...cant just look like Cousin IT ..need to sound like him too...haha