Shel's peeved...WATCH OUT!!!

Well..I have come accross some pretty foul ppl in SL...but I dont think anyone has ever surpassed the owners of Isle of Labyrinth.In the past they have had run ins with the Bewitched foursome(Shadow, Wiccan, Sheltered and Fallin) and now seem fit to attack our friends Bronwynn and Phoenixxx as well. Shel has decided to speak her mind on the subject, and to let you all know in case any of you are renting from them.

~Sheltereds quotes~

I have decided to speak for a friend and to set the record straight in case this situation is taken to the point where anything she feels needs to be said is lost in accusations and ramblings of a psycho.We have been dealing with the childish behavior of Serenity Peart and Devo Reitveld, owners of Ilse of Labyrinth. I will post my friend PhoeniXxX Nighfires conversation with Serenity Peart at the bottom of this post. Because of this conversation Serenity has decided to wage war on Agony Designs by slandering their names through public channels such as thier group and Sellers Guild. He has claimed among other things that FallinMy Webb, Shadow Weaver, Wiccan Sojourner, PhoeniXxX Nightfire, Bronwynn Nightfire and myself are ALL the same person. Now gimme a @#$% break. We all have designs, many many designs, that could not possibley have been created by one person. Fallin and I have spent most of our morning chasing off these children from our shop. First with thier main accounts and then with alts,(not to mention Devo and Serenity are the same person in RL and as they have told me so in the past when i rented on thier island) . He also is insinuating that a pair of Bronwynns boots are a stolen design. I will give him this much...they do look alot like boots that MANY designers sell. It is a very popular design and I've seen them all over game and in the RL in one shape or form. Bronwynn is a RL friend of mine and we taught ourselves photoshop and PSP together in MY office. I know what she is capable of in terms of original designs and also know that she would not risk what has been a very promising start to her SL designers career by stealing anyones work. Let the quality of her designs distinguish her from the others wether she decides to sell a very commonly designed boot or not. We stand 100% by the designs created by Bronwynn and PhoeniXxX and WILL NOT remove them from our shop or be intimidated by this childish bullshit. If haveing an item for sale that is similar to anothers is not acceptable when the item is as generic as this, then I accuse Serenity of the same because she sells spike heels. Bronwynn has offered to remove her things because she is afraid of the effect on us since we are housing her atm and we have told her we wouldn't let her be run off by a jackass who can't get it up unless hes creating drama for ppl who rent from him. Bronwynn is no newb when it comes to buisness and has a main account she does well on. Attacking someone because you realize your own short standings is a lonley way of life and we now see why your location is slowly getting less and less business. Take a lesson from the season and learn that if you bite someone, you always will be bitten back harder.Playing hardball with threats will get you everywhere you don't wish to be. Be wary if you are reading this and rent places to sell your wares if you come accross a solicitation from this place, Isle of Labyrinth,they will kiss your ass and talk you up but as soon as you have a backbone of your own the fangs and claws come out and there is no edge of reason for this guy (devo/serenity). I am sorry for my ranting but posting this here I thought would be more polite then spamming you all in world. If you get harrased while in the shop or solicited please let me or Fall know and we will handle the situation imediatly. Below is the initial conversation between Serenity and Bronwynn's partner. The rest has been lost by Bronwynn due to a perfect timing PC crash..:/. To put emphases on the convo below..this is the simple paragraph that set set this person off to a grid wide attack bringing it to groups and to lemon island for the sake of his/her own enjoyment. Bronwynn was able to copy/past the convo she had with Serenity into the isle of Labyrinth group before she was ejected and others saw what we do now. Bronwynn has since had to Mute Serenity because she would not leave her alone, saying she knew all the places she rented from and she'd have them booted from there..she would contact Sellers Guild, she accused her of copying designs, name calling, and badgering. Bronwynn just watched IM after IM pop up until she muted her and sent in a harrasment report to LL.

[9:23] PhoeniXxX Nightfire: Hello Serenity^.^ I wanted to check my wifes rental here and pay if neccesary but I cant tell what her balance is...could you help me?

[2007/12/27 9:24] Serenity Peart: She has to do it, she was just on my radar so she could have paid into to it herself

[2007/12/27 9:25] PhoeniXxX Nightfire: she had to run somewhere....most rental systems allow others to pay your rent so was hoping you could take a second and do that...but guess I will tell her she has to come back later..

[2007/12/27 9:26] Serenity Peart: no most rentals do not do that for safety purposes, you must have been paying into a shitty rental system

[2007/12/27 9:26] PhoeniXxX Nightfire: lmao ok

[2007/12/27 9:26] Serenity Peart: yeah keep laughing

[2007/12/27 9:27] PhoeniXxX Nightfire: its actually the same designers as your rental system...but anyways the wife was busy and I was trying to help her....if you dont provide service to your patroins I understand....as there are shitty rental systems so are there shitty mall owners

[2007/12/27 9:27] Serenity Peart: what good would a rental box be if you could just pay money into it from anyone, that sounds like a cluster fuck

[2007/12/27 9:27] Serenity Peart: excuse me are you being an asshat?

[2007/12/27 9:28] PhoeniXxX Nightfire: it doeasnt change the owner of the rental it asks if youd like to pay for THAT persons rental and if you say no it wont takwe your monety...seems maybe your system is outdated not others?

[2007/12/27 9:28] PhoeniXxX Nightfire: no I'm responding to your actoing like a douche bag[2007/12/27 9:28] Serenity Peart: i provide more service then half the malls i have ever dealt with, dont be an asshole or your wifes rental will be refunded and eliminated, good day

[2007/12/27 9:29] Serenity Peart: ok, your done, good bye
[2007/12/27 9:29] PhoeniXxX Nightfire: g'bye prick
[2007/12/27 9:29] Serenity Peart: bye bye noob
[2007/12/27 9:29] Serenity Peart: MUTE
[2007/12/27 9:40] Serenity Peart: bye bye shadow
[2007/12/27 9:41] Serenity Peart: say hi to wiccan and sheltered

Awesome Christmas greetings

Well it seems the awesome Bewitched Hair group got into the Christmas spirit Christmas eve I believe. It is so amazing to have so many people from so many walks of life and countries in this group to share in all the goodies. This im sure is one of the largest and most diverse family's/ comunities in all of Sl and by God I am sure glad to be a part of it. This is a post by means of copy/paste from the group chatter sent to Shel via Dusty Ayres.

[5:31] Belina Bonetto: Glad Tidings for a wonderful Christmas from here in UK
[5:32] Holly Beaumont: Same from Germany^^ Enjoy the Holidays^^
[5:32] Morellocherry Raymaker: thanks!
[5:32] Kie Jinn: Merry Christmas from Australia
[5:32] Storm Mortlock: To you as well - From Mass, US!
[5:32] Wiccan Sojourner: Happy Holidays from Nova Scotia, Canada
[5:32] Nini Blessed: and from DANMARK
[5:33] Aja Dae: And Mesa, Arizona USA
[5:33] Nini Blessed: And from Danmark
[5:33] Auroralilith McMahon: YES FROM HERE ALSO MERRY XMASH
[5:33] Unique Enoch: Merry Christmas from the USA
[5:33] Charon Jenns: Merry Christmas from Missouri in the US
[5:33] Zahara Congrejo: Merry Christmas from Switzerland^^
[5:33] Atos Cuttita: Merry Christmas from Italy
[5:33] Jasminerose Fitzpatrick: and from SANTA CRUZ CALIFORNIA
[5:34] SilvermainDeo Yoshikawa: one more from the netherlands
[5:34] Evelyne Singh: Merry X-mas from the Netherlands! No snow but cold!
[5:34] Shouko Kohime: merry cristmas from japan
[5:34] JoJo Oceanlane: merry christmas from Texas USA
[5:34] Aluring Alderson: Happy Holidays from Maine USA
[5:35] Melisenda Contepomi: another one from Italy and Greece too!
[5:35] Sharmany Foil: Happy Holiday BRAZIL
[5:35] Nahiara Allen: Merry Christmas from Buenos Aires Argentina
[5:35] Xenstential Moonbeam: Happy Holidays from Tennessee USA
[5:35] Chantelle Menges: A Very Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year to all :-) from Yorkshire, England

[5:35] Melisenda Contepomi: all over the world!
[5:35] Dusty Ayres: :-)))
[5:36] Tatiana Beningbrough: merry xmas from the uk!!
[5:36] Aluring Alderson: love Tennessee
[5:36] Morgana Zhu: Merry Christmas from Florida, USA !!
[5:37] Nahiara Allen: Merry Christmas fron Buenos Aires Argentina
[5:37] Tatiana Beningbrough: bewitched rules!!!
[5:38] Bayena Foulsbane: merry christmas from North Carolina,USA
[5:38] alial Allen: Merry XMas from ISRAEL
[5:38] Brid Baroque: And from Texas, USA!
[5:38] Dusty Ayres: thats 3 texas lol
[5:39] Jazmin Rossini: 4
[5:39] Dusty Ayres: wow
[5:39] Dusty Ayres: houston here
[5:39] Beauty Miles: merry x-mas from germany again :-)
[5:39] Jazmin Rossini: me too
[5:39] Dusty Ayres: NW end near tomball
[5:39] Spankmy Boucher: Merry christmas from Cornwall UK WOOT !
[5:40] Diane Poppy: Merry Christmas from Houston Texas!!!! :)
[5:40] Casablanca Catteneo: Merry Christmas from the UK
[5:40] Diane Poppy: lol
[5:41] Wiccan Sojourner: this is the coolest group
[5:41] Diane Poppy: Wow...lots of Texans here!
[5:41] Diane Poppy: I live in Deer Park area
[5:41] Dusty Ayres: big state! lol
[5:41] Brid Baroque: SL is truly an international neighborhood
[5:41] Diane Poppy: very true
[5:41] Dusty Ayres: i know deer park
[5:42] Diane Poppy: Yes, it is an awesome group
[5:42] jette Carter: merry x-mas from denmark
[5:43] Diane Poppy: that is what is so awesome about SL
[5:43] Diane Poppy: really?
[5:51] Johnnycomlately Fall: Merry Christmas from Belvidere Illionis
[5:53] Symone Decosta: merry christmas from wellington nz
[5:53] Seru Rabeni: merry christmas from republica dominicana
[5:55] thess Writer: merry christmas from the netherlands
[5:56] Shalini Beattie: Merry Christmas from London!
[5:56] Cindi Carter: Merry Christmas from the USA
[5:56] Cindi Carter: Merry Christmas from the USA
[5:57] Tita Maertens: merry christmas from Peru
[5:58] angy Klaar: merry christmas from the italy
[5:59] diamante Dollinger: buon natale
[5:59] Rihanna Goldflake: Merry Christmas from Germany
[6:00] Vixen Roff: Merry xmas from England
[6:01] Serenityfirefly McMahon: lol you mean merry christmas from england giggles mery christmas from liverpool
[6:01] Marikha Hutton: Merry Christmas from California
[6:16] YoshinoN Nishi: **Merry Christmas from Tokyo, JAPAN!**
[6:17] Jasminerose Fitzpatrick: wow we got folks all over
[6:17] Glistening Littlething: Merry Christmas love from the UK.
[6:17] Mimi Surya: Merry Christmas from Shanghai China :DDD
[6:17] Randi Grigorovich: Merry Christmas fom Oklahoma United States:)))
[6:18] circe McBride: Merry christmas from the USA !!!!!!!!!
[6:18] penelope Renoir: **Merry Christmas from ARGENTINA GROUP "las cristinas"
[6:18] K12 Johin: my friend house
[6:18] Sophia Rowlands: Merry Christmas from Florence, Italy!
[6:19] K12 Johin: Merry christmas from Japan
[6:19] Lolaa Shepherd: Merry Christmas from the north of France :-)
[6:19] Marikha Hutton: People all over the world wearing Bewitched hair
[6:19] penelope Renoir: **Merry Christmas from Tokyo
[6:19] K12 Johin: Merry christmas from Japan
[6:19] penelope Renoir: pace inm the word!!!!!!!!!!!!
[6:19] Letitia Larsson: merry Chhristmas from Maine
[6:19] Ahria Mayfair: Merry Christmas from Florida
[6:19] Nahiara Allen: Merry christmas from Buenos Aires * Feliz Navidad *
[6:20] Cylea Ballinger: Merry Christmas from North Carolina
[6:20] Angeleena Capalini: Merry Christmas from Indiana USA
[6:20] MELLMELL Akina: Merry Christmas from Chiba JAPAN
[6:21] Addictive Jewell: Happy Holidays from Arizona
[6:21] WitchyKat Koba: Witchy Xmas Wishes to all from Australia at 1 hr and 25 mins into it!! :D

[6:21] circe McBride: from US Pensylvania ....merry christmas
[6:22] penelope Renoir: feliz navidad y año nuevo de paz y amor Buenos Aires Argentina[6:23] CandyGirl Valencia: happy holidays from texas usa
[6:23] Nahiara Allen: Gracias Penelope feliz Navidad !!
[6:25] penelope Renoir: Solo pido que vuelva la paz y el amor a este mundo , y nuestro pais nahiara

[6:26] Maggie Mighty: Frohe Weihnachten from germany ! :-)
[6:26] Kori Ballinger: HAPPY XMASS FOR ALL MEMBERS!!
[6:35] Randi Grigorovich: we are special as a group all of us from around the world this is so sweet:)))



Well..I'm a silly silly girl and didn't even notice I had been tagged.....I don't play much on SL anymore because Rl has just become way too busy. So I got Shel to write down the 8 things about herself and I'd post them...you guys probly want to know more about her then me anyways....HAHA...and I spell checked for her you all kown how notorious she is.....

Sheltered Heart

1.I get severe anxiety for silly things like when the mail comes or when the phone rings...rofl..or when my mom IM's me saying.."you have to call me".

2. I'm a chef, true to heart and profession. One of my passions is to cook, especially for my family and for company. I ran a restaurant up home in Canada but I'd prefer to have my own place some day or just cater...I hate restrictions or someone telling me I can't do something..specially when it is something I am doing creatively.

3. I am good at alot of things but not absolutely fantastic at any of them. I can draw pretty good but not an artist by no means..I'm good with prims but not a goddess..can sing but not no Mariah Carey, can dance but Usher would shame me..rofl.They say to be excellent and one thing is better then good at alot of things..I want to know what idiot said that, I wouldn't enjoy half the things I do if I wasn't able to do them somewhat good(I think the person who said that is a pompous gent who had little skills and needed reassurance..rofl:D)

4.Me and Fall met almost 2 years ago in game..were friends for a while....started to work together and partner in game round April 06'...we then were married in game on Nov 22ND...and a couple weeks later decided it was time to meet in RL...he tried to come to Canada but they deported him the next day..(he spent the night in a boarding house 3 hours away from me but I couldn't get there..it was the first time he got to see snow)...so I decided I was gonna take my small town girl butt to Florida and be with him....landed here January 29Th..we finally met face to face in a greyhound station:D....got married Aug 25Th...and are now happier then pigs in poop.

5.We have a dog and 3 cats...all of whom have been rescued..the dogs name is Buddy..and the cats are Sully, Roofus and skinny(or widdle baby)we also have a 12 year old daughter..rofl who is messier then the cats and dog and gets in more trouble..lol she's absolutely stunning and were trying to talk her into working for Disney..rofl I'ma need a shotgun once she hits 16.

6.I had a crappy and rough childhood..lots and lots of bad stuff...nothing of my parents doing (was living with my dad at the time)but what doesn't kill u makes you stronger right...I'm 27.. my daughter is 12..I got pregnant when I was 14 and living with a woman who probly shouldn't of had her own children let alone me..(gotta love when ur dad gets cranky and kicks u from the house to live with someone u babysit for) lol...got to take pride in who you are and where you've come from.

7.I think I was a southern lady in a past life..the lifestyle and culture has always enchanted me..I LOVE YOU PAULA DEAN!!...the era of carriage's and formal sitting rooms and afternoon tea in the middle of the sweltering heat of the summer, has always made me ache to have been born in Savannah Georgia come turn of the century. Some day I hope to live there, we don't live far atm and I've only driven through so far but I'd love to live there..either when I retire or manage to talk Fall into it..lol my mother in law is one of these southern ladies her daddy was a Governor so I'm just awestruck when she tells me about her childhood.

8.I am an Irish lass true blood..least I consider it that way..its funny you don't really connect with your culture til your no longer a part of it. Rarely thought of myself as being anything other then Canadian...until I left and then I guess I decided I needed to hold onto something of my culture....its easily swollowed here in the south cause there is so many cultures..so I have me Irish tunes and me Irish books and me Irish meals me likes to cooks..rofl(i think I'm even rubbin off on Fall..)

I hope you enjoyed your tidbits and I'll try to talk Fall into writing one up....and a big thank you to Kory of course for doing all these blogs...hugs:))


Christmas freebie

Shel has released a freebie today with 4 hair styles in each in thier colors shown and the winter accessories as well. There is Dakota in green, Anjolie in silver, Marley in light blue, Cherie in red, the Kringle hat, Antlers wiht christmas bulbs and the snow day accessories(touque and scarf) come check out the gooies for yourself on Lemon Island and don't forget to snag your group gift from last nights release too!

Bewitched Hair


10 new releases!!

Of course...just when I get back to start posting again Shel decides to punish me with a 10 style release!!...*breaths*...ok...in the first pic we have "Naomi" and "Jessie", Naomi is a very classic style, soft and romantic(mix and match with bangs is you don't like the nakey forehead). Jessie is a elegant up do style being held in place with 2 jeweled bone clips that have the bling on/off option.In the second pic we have "Sock hop" and "Megan", Sock hop is a classic, innocent style great for any era. Hair ties are texture change too so you can match it to any of your outfits. Megan is a fairly medieval style goes modern. The front sides are braided and pulled to the back. This is a very trendy style right now for you fashonista types..hehe.Third pic is "Bedded" and "Swinger", Bedded is a short sassy."I just got out of the shower after getting out of bed with you look"..hehe, I find it very sultry. Swinger, a request from a group member, is a 60's go go dress wearing/Austin Powers kinda style...*I hear yellow submarine for some reason*. The fourth pic has "Molly" and "Vanessa" in it. Molly is a sexy side pony with a small braid in the front as well as optional texture changeable bangs. Vanessa is a High School Musical replica, inspired by Vanessa Hudgens, very cute braided piggies. Also in this pic is a couple outfits by a friend of Shel's, Bronwynn Nightfire. She just opened a little shop with her partner on the island called Agony Designs...check em out...very cool stuff. Last shown here is "Alexsis" and "Hayden", Alexsis is a pigtail style done in the awesome flippy texture and has a sculpty riding cap (cap is NOT optional). Hayden is a cool style which looks sculpty...but it isnt....Shel said she was gonna call it the "I don't need no stinkin sculpties" style but figured that was a little long winded..HAHA...regardless..very cool..and my fav of this weeks release.......MERRY CHRISTMAS YA HAIR NUTS!!....make sure you stop on in at Lemon Island and snag ya some new goodies or a gift card for that special someone.

The Designers Series

Now I know I say I love EVERY style Shel puts out but I think these 3 take the biscuit...the reason?...they are just different especially number 2 and 3.These are inspired by some images Shel found in UK hairstyles magazine. They are slick..not a hair out of place, chunky, chic styles great for the runway or with your everyday attire. First shown in "Mischief", very classic up do and ultra tailored. Second is "Sophisticated"this is a side pony sitting atop the head and pulled tightly for a more modern look. Last is "Daring", now I am not sure I would wear this style everyday but it is definitely not something I have seen before. It for sure is something more deserving of a catwalk..(maybe with some weird funky dress like..made from garbage bags or something..haha) But what can I say I cant ADORE everything in the shop.

6 styles released last week:/

Good day fellow hair fools...I have been away for a bit bad bad bad me..hehe...I NEED A SPANKING!!..ok..so heres me catching up:D. first shown here is "Lad", chin length stye..yup there be flexi in it and the hat be sculpty. Next is "Felicity"hoodie and hair combo..(Shel's first attempt at clothing)not too shabby!!. Love the whole look there in the pic with the bootay shorts..hehe. Next is "Katie (classic)" I can't wait to find me a ball gown to wear with this one. Fourth is "Tangles" very cute, would be great for a neko or just something adorable to wear with your jammies. Next here is "Katie" this is just an extended version of the Katie classic for those ladies who just HAVE to have flexi.Now last but not least is "Lass", essentially it's the female version of Lad, it's a funky style that is very verstile. All these style can be found in their coresponding sections at the Bewitched Hair main store on Lemon Island. Regular packs are 195L and the everything packs are 750L with 50 to 60 colors(depending on the style).


6 new male / unisex

This week Shel got a nice release of male hair out...but the ladies can easily wear em too...cept for the beard she says..but i say..whatever floats your boat..haha. OK first we have Drow Warrior, tre cool style..it is a blunt mohawk with a soft but MANLY ..lol..ponytail. The band is texture change too. Next is Brad, after Brad Pitt, shoulder length shag style with natural bangs and in the new fav feathery texture. Third is Augustus, professor meets hippy I think..lol. I love the beard and the glasses are just awesome. The hair is a basic straight flexi style and all 3 pieces come in each pack. Fourth is Phoenix, awesome ponytail with strapping holding the hair back (which is texture change), there is good fringe around the face and the more manly bangs so the guys feel comfortable wearing it. Fifth is Dylan, this is a style a few guys had requested of Shel so she decided to finally get off her keister..its a shoulder length wavy style ..no flex... and just loose back off the face for that "just got out of bed and ran my fingers through my hair" look. Last but not least is Snoop 2 (pimpin), and in my words the name is perfect..haha...grab your fur coats, wing tipped shoes, canes and pink cadillacs guys ...oh and the dice for the rear view mirror...LMAO!!...this style is hawt and the ladies would look ultra sexy in it and some lingerie..OW!..HOTz!!


12 new releases total this week!!!

Highdy ho neighbour!!!!.Lots of goodies out this week. First here we have the non contest winners. Numero uno shown is Tonya, very sexy asymmetrical style. The back is short and gets longer as it comes to the front of the face. Duex..(:P) is Natalia, cute..ultra cute pigtail style, lots of curls for that controlled messy look. Number three is Robin, this is a stunning short updo style that would be great for the holidays. It comes with an antique clip in the front and bobby pins on either side pinning the hair back.Fourth is Angela, this is a sophisticated simple pony that gathers at the base of the skull and flows thigh length in soft layers. Number five is Sarah, definitly a unique style with its twisted strands pinned in the back and loose strands falling round the face. Sixth is Jasmine, I love the bangs on this one and the fact that the hair is held atop the head with braids. Jasmine aslo has the soft layered ponytail which is waist length. Last in this pic is Lourdes, This is my favorite style out of all the styles Shel has done. I love how dramatic it is and hour the hair falls and move..(totally loving this new fringed texture)..the tails are the perfect length and the bands pulling the hair away from the head are even awesome.LOVE THE BETTY BANGS!!!..hahaha......Ok im alright now hahaha...make sure you come check em out...and read below for the styles created for this months photo contest winners.

Contest winners

*pants*....pheww...ok......heres some MORE!!!!......hahaha...First here is Cherie, made for Cherie Parker, a sexy 40's style up-do compleate with fabric ribbon and flower which is texture changeable. Next is Coral, made for Coral Pfeffer, sexy, waist length curly style with braiding aross the top of the crown and fringe bangs. Third is Arya, created for Arya McLeod, lover of the gothy look, this style is a mixture of goth/showgirl and victorian lady equipped with an optional texture change mini top hat and veil. Fourth is Daniella, which was created for Daniella Pastorelli, she asked for long full curls and flexi curl bangs...so Shel gave it to her...grrrr baby yeah!!!. Now last but not least is Althea, created for Althea Faulkland, one of her favorite styles was cyber goth, so Shel dug through the interent til she found something Althea would like, i think she was spot on..lol. This style with its Betty bangs, soft layered locks, dramatic appearance and steel ribboning....wait huh?..lol..yeah thats what I said..this one has spiral rods of steel in the front accenting the longer straight pieces....Always something for everyone at this place.Make sure you check the pics below to see the contest winners entries.

Daniella Pastorelli
Coral Pfeffer

Cherie Parker

Arya McLeod

Althea Faulkland


7 new releases!!!

Gotta love release day wooot......Shels got 7 out this time..one of which has costume pieces (rest of the outfit from the pic can be bought at Bewitched Designs) and is called Archangel...the hair itself is called Angelica and comes with color change wings, eyes, prim eyes with bling and 2 versions of the hair..one with and one without the color change halo. Second shown here is Scottie, this one was designed for this dress which can be bought @ Bewitched Designs. The hair has a simple bang, part down the left side and is accented with knotting around the crown of the head. Third (purple outfit) is Willow, yet another inspiration of a Bewitched Designs outfit..very sexy sweep from left over the right shoulder with Bewitched Hairs signature flexi curls. Fourth (white dress) is Petra, this one comes with texture change bangs and egyptian accents, which are optional. The style itself is a loose messy braid which hangs over the left shoulder with a blunt cut. Fifth is Showgirl, definitly a unque style..up-do/formal/gothy/mohawk/classic...it kinda suits it all. This one has the cute little mini top hat which is optional and texture changeable...also the veil is colorable and flexi. Sixth (very top) is Celeste, cute sassy cut with blunt but soft bangs. This style has flexi throughout to give added movement and soften the look. Last but not least is Bridget, its a "I wanna go driving in a 1963 convertable" kinda hair. This one comes with a texture change scarf and texture change glasses which can be worn either in the top of the head or on the bridge of the nose. Its a side pony with a small gethering on the left side top of the head, the pony itself is waist length and made of flexi curls.

We have sales often and fun things goin on all the time on the island and there is usually someone always around to give a hand.


6 New Styles

6 new releases to kick off this weekend...first we have Lyra, sexy sleek shoulder blade length style with swag bangs and a soft fringe on the ends. Second is Madison, ass ticklin sexy up-do, done with our new whispy texture. Also included with this style is a set of detachable texture change bangs. Third is Nikki, this is a fabulous pigtail type style which has also been done in one of our signature textures. The movement os this style is just awesome and it comes in 2 lengths in each pack. Next is Rumor, sexy curly style with feature flattering bangs. Fith is Scarlett, this is a sexy sweep style which flows slightly from the left to the right with bangs that sweep over the right eye. Bangs on this one are also texture change though not detachable. Last is Shiloh,trendy up-do/down-do, great for a formal outfit or just rompin round in ur jammies.
Also dont forget out our Breast Cancer awareness freebies out int he shop for mena dn women (mens are unisex)...3 styles in 3 different shades of pink for 1L....think pink ribbon also incl.


8 new styles and a NEW TEXTURE!!!

8 hot new styles out..and when i say hot i mean it. I am soo loving the new texture Shel has..it's a kinda sorta fethery , whispy, shag look...its very sexy and very realistic looking. Also as always the Bewitched hair just moves so nice, your gonna love em. First we have Alycia, once again Fall has outdone himself with the sculpties, the riding hat looks awesome and with that new texture u can't go wrong. That hat is also texture changeable so it will go with just about anything. Second we have Dakota, very sexy length and the sweep bangs give a sultry look no matter your pose. Third is Alycia 2, this is the same as the origninal one but the hat is detachable and texture change as well. Fourth is Lola, slick half updo half ponytail, great for a more formal look or a chic modern look in Greenwich Village. Fifth is Crystal, a very sleek style with sexy soft and feathery bangs. Then we have Gracie, cute but classy shoulder length style done with the new texture..and it comes with texture change bags that are optional. Seventh is Talulah, messy pulled back up-do/ponytail with soft blunt bangs and flyaways on the crown. Last is Flower Child, yet another sleek style with razored bangs and comes with optional daisey wreath.

Also all everything packs have been marked down to 750L!!!

Shel also wanted me to give a mention to the new staff here @ Bewitched...

Lyselle Munro~Manager

PinkSkittlez Lane~Rep

Aniaz Oh~Rep

Cathryn Kappler~Rep

Shanti Sands~Rep

Shawndra Shilova~Rep

Also there is a whole new costomer service area with teleport map, lots of info on store policies and customer support.

New costume

New divalicious comstume out on Lemon Isand. This is a colaboration work by Wiccan of Bewitched Designs, Shel from Bewitched Hair and Lyra from Body Doubles.


4 new styles & costume

OK...Fallin has out done himself with these new sculptie hats..they are so awesome..and Shel has ben having a ball with em as you can see. Shes gotten requests for more styles with hats..and shes here to please....first we have Mylie....modern retro feel..but also good for formal wear or even if you wanted to goth it up some...its a great everyday look, it even has texture change in the bands. Next is Matilda, texture change sculptie cowboy hat and those sexy swaying curls Shel is so famous for..haha. Third is Julep, as in mint julep, it reminded Shel of the southern ladies out for the afternoon in the south watching the Kentucky Derby....hat is texture change and flowers are color change and the style is a side pony done in the flexi curls. Fourth is Cassidy, cute knotted pigtails with sultry sweep bangs, topped off with a texture change cowboy hat.
Ok and last but not least is the Cosin IT costume...gawd I thought I was gonna die laughin when i saw it..never had i even seen on in SL before and you'd of thunk someone would have done it...if someone has...my appologies...just never seen it.....Shels magic fingers are all over this one though the flexi as always @ Bewitched moves awesome and comes with a shape, a glitch outfit, the hair with hat attached and a titler with the ever famous ""yippiieippppipeeepppiiieeppyyypppiipppeeppeppeep !" text ...cant just look like Cousin IT ..need to sound like him too...haha


16 new styles since the last post!!!!

Well RL just has a way of sneaking up on me.Shel booted me in the backside to get this post up...If you check in often...REAALLLLLLY SORRRRRY...haha...gonna be short and sweet.....Shels styles always speak for themselves. Also new to Lemon Island is the new Mall, Shop, look and 21 new colors!!!...Come to Lemon Island and snag up those sexy styles....Bewitched staff sends huuuuuugs!!


7 new styles

Well we been slackin off again...while I was on vacation dear ol'e Shel was off getting hitched...sooooooo...none of the 19 releases we had out 2 weeks ago got blogged...bad bad bad....we need a spankin..;)...come check em out!

In other news..(deep anchorman voice)..Shel has come to the conclusion I am horrible @ customer releations hahaha...soo..there is a new represenative here at Bewitched Hair, Lyselle Munro...welcome aboard lassie!!!

Ok, so for this week there is a 7 style release. We recently had a photo contest where we asked group members to work thier magic and show us how creative they could be with a Bewitched Hair and a snapshot. Shel was amazed at the response with well over 100 entries. Photos were chosen for these reasons; use of light, creativity, staging, use of props and skill in camera positioning. Below are the winning photos and the styles created for the winners.


6 new styles

Been on hiatus with traveling to get my munchkin and gettin sick.....(i blame fallin)...lol. But i've gotten a few out here for u guys and thier out in the mian shopow...also if your in the group you get a gree copy in your group notices. First is Sandie, cute little style done in the sexy flexi curls we got, there is a messy ragged bang and the front is pulled back with a silver detailed band. Next is Belle 2, it is a shorter less full version of Belle which is further down the line..lol. Next is Leslie, simple style consisting of a parted top and bouncy curls around the base of the head..perfect style to add accessories too such as flowers or hats. Next is Belle, which is a sexy, long and full set of pig tails. Crown is parted beautifully and the bangs are just perfect for any face. Next is Monica, this style is perfect for the sassy sophisticate , the formal beauty or the modern lady. It's messy ....it's chunky....its styled with every hair in consideration..lol. Last is Bree, now this style is inspired by one of my daughters Bratz dolls...its a kinda pony/up-do..the front is parted back to a puff of curls on the top of the head and then flows back to the base of the neck into a ponytail of curls that goes past the middle of the back. This style also comes with a pair of optional texture change bangs for those who dont like the no bang look..lol. All these styles come in the 39 colors we have, packs run from 195L to 225L and the everything packs are 1600L.


* new styles..! new costume and 3 male facial hair

Well as always i go bananas when i get stuff ready for a release..I go from 3 styles to 8..lmao.....first we have Billie, flexi curl style..very cute with butterfly clip accents with bling....second is Mia, tight pull on the top to a row of knots around the skull with very long flexi curls.....third is London, sophisticated side pony with a tailored top and bangs...fourth is Geisha, name speaks for itself and it comes with the hair ornaments which have flexi ....ffifth is To the beach, sassy retro inspired style comes with sunglasses...sixth is Toby, flexi curl style which comes with the Toby Keith inspired cowboy hatr...grrrrrr baby yeah!!...seventh is Izzie, which was a special request for the namesake..it is a flexi curl styles side pony with a loose top and knots...last butnot least is Zoe, gothic inspired flexi curl style with a spectacular shape and optional texture change bangs. Also released was "puuuuuurdy kitty"...kitty accessoires for the neko in all of us...flexi ears, tail, hair and whiskers..too cute.
The shop itself has had a makeover ..we relized after talking to a few ppl that the layout weas a bit cumbersome for ppl..cammers and flyers alike..rofl..so now its all been set up more neatly and in a better layout for easier access..come check it out!!;)


7 new releases

Hellllooo everyone 7 new releases out @ Bewitched today and a new hat!!!...The hat is styles after Shel's fav country singer, Toby Keith's signature hat. The first style is a mid length wavy style which has flexi of course, the hat has lots of detail and is suitable for the cowgirl or guy or the rockabilly in all of us. The male version is a little larger for u laddies like myself who need the breathinroom ..rofl..get the males:PP. The second image here is 2 non flexi style...yet again same style just resized for male to female...simple..sexy or all bout buisness. Also on this pic is the style Hannah...gorgeous is all ima say bout this one...I begged it off Shel like 3 days ago..hehehe...good for formal..sexy..casual..doesnt matter.Last image is Amanda and Lou-anne. Amanda is a sexy little curly number with the new Toby Keith hat and Lou-anne is a longer version of Amanda..but with a slightly different hat..no strings..and it is texture changeable..with over 31 textures

Hugs...Bewitched Reporter

Kory Jewell


Cyber Punk Silk

Well name says it all...comes wiht everything shown accept the skin.

First time jewler

Well i decided to try my hand at some simple jewlery...cute, colorful and can go with just about anything..rofl...and cheap:D..lol..some of these are included with a few of the hairs shown below.

Ok im a slacker..:/

I been bustin out style after style and have yet to update this page..rofl....so ima do a run down on all the new stuff....there are a shit load of style out..i did a rough colage so u can see em a bit list oif styles is below..

Casey~~Bette~~Johnny~~Milano~~City CHic~~Go-Go~~Honor~~Lucy~~Carey~~Abigail~~Tish~~Snoop~~Honey~~Alex~~Bethany~~Eva~~Joy~~Morgana~~Casey~~Blossom~~Ashley~~Chloe~~Toni~~Tandi~~Mary-Kate~~Marley~~Britney~~Alyssa~~Theron~~Old World

Some of these styles had add ons like jewlery sets...2 versions or scripted items like texture change headbands and hats.

Not including the items that have been retired recently and the items in the clearance section, we have over 100 styles to choose from. We can dress just about anyones head, from the gothic to the formal , costum hair, punk, mens womens, big and beautiful and even styles for the retro fan and sophisticate.


New styles out and huge partaaaaaaay!!..rofl

Hey guys we have 6 styles out today fashioned after some of Hollywoods glamorous and notorious. first is Paris and is a moidern slick style that is flexi, second is Elisabeth which is styles after Elisabeth from Pirates of the Carabiean, third is Erykah after Miss Badu herself and comes with 2 wrap styles, fourth is Farrah after the 70's icon and Charlies angel beauty, fith is Mrs Mayer after Jessica Simpson and the last is Carmen styled after Carmen Electra...very sassy verrrrrrry sexy come check em out Were on Lemon Island.

Also dont forget the huge party were having today starting at 1pm SL time and goin til 10pm artist list and times as follows
1pm: Cylindrian Rutabaga
2pm: Smily Raymaker
3pm: Capos Calderwood
4pm: Mercy Vandeverre
5pm: Etherian Kamaboko
6pm: Forsythe Whitfield
7pm: Komuso Tokugawa
8pm: Jaggpro McCann
9pm: Blue4U Nowicka



New releases for today

Todays new releases are a flexi-curl pony for male and female, its just a simple pull back thats mid length. Next style is Liz, which was inspired by Liz Taylor from the 1950's, its a classic look , short with beautiful framing around the face and curls all throughout. Last style to be released today is Rockin 2, this one will be released later tonight and will be updated and have the tips available, this style is also flexi and is unisex

Last nights Hair Drop went awesome with prolly over 240 ppl showing up. Those of you who dont know what the hair drop is, i'll explain. We select 5 styles and mark them down 50 to 75% off reg price, and we select a color from each style and put it in a folder..and when u drop in for the event...Fallin drops a folder on u with the 5 styles in it. We all dance and party it up having a great time in the process. Its a chance for ppl to come get to know us and us to get to know them..we love our little family:))..we have em somewhat randomly so to get info on the next one you can join the Bewitched Hair Update Group. We are a stedily growing family you can get updates on releases, hair news in general,events, and when there are new releases a free copy is sent out to all group members