16 new styles since the last post!!!!

Well RL just has a way of sneaking up on me.Shel booted me in the backside to get this post up...If you check in often...REAALLLLLLY SORRRRRY...haha...gonna be short and sweet.....Shels styles always speak for themselves. Also new to Lemon Island is the new Mall, Shop, look and 21 new colors!!!...Come to Lemon Island and snag up those sexy styles....Bewitched staff sends huuuuuugs!!


7 new styles

Well we been slackin off again...while I was on vacation dear ol'e Shel was off getting hitched...sooooooo...none of the 19 releases we had out 2 weeks ago got blogged...bad bad bad....we need a spankin..;)...come check em out!

In other news..(deep anchorman voice)..Shel has come to the conclusion I am horrible @ customer releations hahaha...soo..there is a new represenative here at Bewitched Hair, Lyselle Munro...welcome aboard lassie!!!

Ok, so for this week there is a 7 style release. We recently had a photo contest where we asked group members to work thier magic and show us how creative they could be with a Bewitched Hair and a snapshot. Shel was amazed at the response with well over 100 entries. Photos were chosen for these reasons; use of light, creativity, staging, use of props and skill in camera positioning. Below are the winning photos and the styles created for the winners.