New styles out and huge partaaaaaaay!!..rofl

Hey guys we have 6 styles out today fashioned after some of Hollywoods glamorous and notorious. first is Paris and is a moidern slick style that is flexi, second is Elisabeth which is styles after Elisabeth from Pirates of the Carabiean, third is Erykah after Miss Badu herself and comes with 2 wrap styles, fourth is Farrah after the 70's icon and Charlies angel beauty, fith is Mrs Mayer after Jessica Simpson and the last is Carmen styled after Carmen Electra...very sassy verrrrrrry sexy come check em out Were on Lemon Island.

Also dont forget the huge party were having today starting at 1pm SL time and goin til 10pm artist list and times as follows
1pm: Cylindrian Rutabaga
2pm: Smily Raymaker
3pm: Capos Calderwood
4pm: Mercy Vandeverre
5pm: Etherian Kamaboko
6pm: Forsythe Whitfield
7pm: Komuso Tokugawa
8pm: Jaggpro McCann
9pm: Blue4U Nowicka



New releases for today

Todays new releases are a flexi-curl pony for male and female, its just a simple pull back thats mid length. Next style is Liz, which was inspired by Liz Taylor from the 1950's, its a classic look , short with beautiful framing around the face and curls all throughout. Last style to be released today is Rockin 2, this one will be released later tonight and will be updated and have the tips available, this style is also flexi and is unisex

Last nights Hair Drop went awesome with prolly over 240 ppl showing up. Those of you who dont know what the hair drop is, i'll explain. We select 5 styles and mark them down 50 to 75% off reg price, and we select a color from each style and put it in a folder..and when u drop in for the event...Fallin drops a folder on u with the 5 styles in it. We all dance and party it up having a great time in the process. Its a chance for ppl to come get to know us and us to get to know them..we love our little family:))..we have em somewhat randomly so to get info on the next one you can join the Bewitched Hair Update Group. We are a stedily growing family you can get updates on releases, hair news in general,events, and when there are new releases a free copy is sent out to all group members

Recent releases

The above pic is some of the styles we have released in the last week or so iv'e been feelin kinda retro..rofl...first we have Boogie Fever, which is a flexi afro puff...tis adorable, second is Kylie, this is a side pony with flexi in it and optional bangs with texture change, next is Fabulous, very sleek chin length style with flexi, and last is Laynie, which was inspired by Betty Page and created for Laynie Link of Layniewear, this one is also flexi.

Sorry for not keeping the blog up...been so darn busy its insane..rofl. We have moved to an island of our own and set up shop in what we hope will be a much less laggy and much more comfortable place to shop and hang out.The Hair N Your Food Cafe has been expanded and given a nice little facelift as well wiht a patio space out back where we'll be hosting pizza now and then. We have been workin our butts off gettin ready for the big show on June 15th with like 9 hours of live entertainment. Our last show was a huge sucess and we hope to have the same with this one. There will be random gifts and a bunch of new releases or hair designed after some of Hollywoods top celebs:)).



Style number 12 is a very short 1920's style do...it has fringe bangs and 3 star hair clips pinning the hair in place..this style comes in all 29 colors we have available

Ranch Hand

Style number 11 is a long sideswept braid with a gather at the back...the tip of the braid is flexi and it comes with a ranchero hat but can be worn without it...this style comes in all 29 colors we have available and the 10 tipped ones


Style number 10 was named for my sissy , Rain Forester, is a tight ponytail with flexi curls..the bangs are sideswept and look very elegant..this style also comes with 6 tropical flower clips and is available in all 29 colors


Style number 9 is a country girl pigtail do ..the tails are flexi curls and it somes in all 29 colors we have available


Style number 8 is one of our contest winners (Morgan Northmead)... it is a loose ponytail with flexy curls in the back..the bangs frame the face beautifully and the chunks pulled back to the pony give a more realistic look..this style comes in all 29 colors available and the 10 tipped ones


Style number 7 is a type of urban fabulous do with its little knotted base and sprays of hair about..this style comes in all 29 colors we have available and the 10 tipped colors


Style number 6 is another contest winner (georgette Whitfield) this style was inspired buy Audry Hepburn herself and comes with a tiara, 2 hair clips with bling and an optional accent bang version...this style comes in the 29 colors we have available


Style number 5 is a type of urban punk style..the back has flexi wavy ext thats mid length and the top has a up-do look with that hardcore flair... this style is unisex and comes in the 29 colors we have avaiable and the 10 tipped colors


Style number 4 is one of the 3 contest winners we had this month (Daveinfrance Furst) the style is a spikey short controlled mess and works for the formal occasion or for the black leather contest..this style is also unisex and comes in the 29 colors we have available asd well as the 10 new tipped ones


Style number 3 is a up-do style with a flowey wavy texture hanging down similar to a ponytail. ...style comes in all 29 colors plus the aditional 10 tipped ones and has 2 extension lengths one mid length and one waist length


Style number 2:) is a half up-do bout mid length with a flexi underlining.... this hair comes in all our regular 29 colors and an aditional 10 tipped


Style number one of the huge release we have today.... its a cute set of pigtails with flexi curls and optional texture change bangs...this style comes in all 29 colors we have available