New Look @ Bewitched Hair!!

Sorry everyone..i havent been ablke to post on here for a bit...everytime i logged on the page had errors..:/...but seems all good now:D

Come check out the new look at Bewitched Hair...there is 2 new styles out one is a long pony with the new curly texture we have here at bewitched.. we also have a flexi pigtail style with color change hair bands......besides the new construction of the main store we have 10 new colors , new color pack called " customer favs" and all new vendors...also in the back towards the cafe we have a newbie section with a free shape, hair and 2 outfits for the guys and gals.... we also have a new bangs and extentions section so you can personalize your style:))...come check us out, especially our clearance area where all packs are permanently set to 99L



Well Lou Lou has yet again run off with Larry, the maintenance guy from the trailor park down the way, but im sure she'll be back. So I guess its just me today :D..we have a new style out at Bewitched today called "Cropped". This style is a unisex, so you can buy a male or female version. The style is a messy kinda pixie do and comes in all the 29 colors we got:). Also new to the shop is out color demo, so you can try on the colors first so you know what color looks best on you..or what color you like the best. The also have been freebies set up in the miain shop and some of the vendor spots.

Bewitched Hair is also now at "Hairspray"..wooot..come check out our lil shop and all the other grewat shops on the island:)

main store location http://slurl.com/secondlife/Masan/96/107/22



Shel~Hello everyone...2 new styles all in one for you all today. I call this the wedding set or "With all my Heart" . The first style is an updo with small knots in the back accented with little tendrils. The second is a similar base but wiht the beautiful curly texture new to Bewitched Hair, that extends down to the knee. Both have beautiful flowers and a special combs with white flowers. All the flowers and the combs have bling. Visit the main store location at http://slurl.com/secondlife/Masan/98/109/301 this style comes in all 29 colors we have to offer and as of May 17th will be available on SLX in an everything pack. The pack as of now can be bought for 250 for a 8 pack(2 styles in 4 colors) at the main location. Old styles are on sale atm for 50% off!!

Lou Lou~Weddin'??....Weddin'??...whos gettin' married?...Yoos' never goinna make an honest woman out of me girlie. NO!...I mean it.....Thats the end of it...I aint sayin' no more.


Woooot sexxah!!!!

Hola ladies..gots a hawt new stlye for ya called "Wiccan" for my RL/Sl mama, Wiccan Sojourner. This latest style features the gorgeous new texture we have...it is an old world/innocnet type style but would soften a latex suit juuuuust fine *wink*. The curls move beautifully and the textures are very realistic. This style has lots of little details like small strands around the face and base of skull, the top has been rolled back to the top of the crown and the curls are big beautiful and soft.

P.S Lou Lou has been silenced on this style considering it was made for my mama..lol...she all to often shoves her own foot in her mouth..rofl:)...

hugss everyone:))


Shel~Hey guys got 2 more styles out for everyone. First one is called "Soprano"..lol..I had said to the hubby it reminded me of a mafia wife so he aptly named it so..lol. It's an up-do type style reminicient of the early 90's but with a modernized front. There is a bannana clip pulling the hair to the crown(im sure all you ladies remeber thie quaft from years gone by..lol) the hair drapes down to the middle of the back and moves beautifully. The front has a more modern look with teased bangs and a razored look over the left eye. The next style is "The Amazonian" This style is similar to Soprano, but has more of an edge to it. More like what a warrior would wear. This style comes with a head piece that has an emerald resting on the forehead, this part has bling. Both styles come in all 29 colors we have available and can be bought half price for the duration of the month at our main store in Masan. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Masan/100/111/301

Lou Lou~(shels alter ego) Woman , what you do, stay up all night playin with your dang hair?...Your gonna get bags under my eyes ya keep this up.I'm tellin ya(as she points to the reader) this woman is de-ter-mind to ruin my social life here. I Been workin on ole' Bobby down the way for a week and he ain't gonna want some tired ole' ...(glances up at image of new dooos)o.O...well i reckon that hair there be purdy. I hush it now but I need me one of those girlie...you know my color (blonde with dk brown roots*rolls eyes*).Alrighty yer forgiven this time but I be needin' my beauty sleep, just you remeber.


Shel~Heya everyone, got a new style out I think you guys are gonna love. This one,"The Diva", is showcasing the new texture we now have at Bewitched Hair.The curls are big and soft and move beautifully.The Diva comes in all 29 colors we have available and can be bought at our main location for half price until June 1st, just like all other styles in the store. On June 1st we'll be having a big release at our main location, 1908 Mall, with the release of at least 10 new hair, 2 homes, furniture,Bewitched clothing and silks by sexually touched.

in world location is http://slurl.com/secondlife/Masan/98/113/301

Lou Lou~ Well bout dang time yall got me a hair i can cover my unmetionables with while at the beach,its hard to keep all those young mens off all this ya know:/. Thats all i gots to say im late for my foot scrappin appointment.


New Style~~Lilly

Sheltered~~ Lou Lou seems to have vanished down the street. She said she was goin to the beauty parlor, but I hear her singing coat of many colors by Dolly Parton at the top of her lungs from Carl's Tavern. Oh well leave more room for me to give you guys info on the new Bewitched DOOO!!

Lilly is a ponytail style from the Buxum Series. The back or pony part is flexi-prim and goes to the base of the back. This part of the style is textured with soft full curls a Buxum standard.the top is pulled back loosely for a great side profile and the bangs frame your face. This style flatters you from front, back and sides and can be worn for any occasion, be it hangin' at the beach or a formal event. This style , as well as the others in this series, comes in 29 colors from extreme in your face color to the naturals. Lilly also comes with Japanese hair sticks with flexi cherry blossoms and are worn seperatly so they can be taken off when u want or worn with another style you have.

Buxum Series new and improved!!

Sheltered~~ Hey guys, there have been some needed improvments on the Buxum series. There were some texture and prim issues, but all good now:DD. There is also 13 new colors for this series. The Buxum Series is a soft series of styles ranging from pigtails, ponys and half up-dos. As of right now there is 2 texture types in the buxum series, large wavy and crimped. In the near furture there will be more to come. Hailey, Cassandra and Gothic come in 2 pieces and can be worn both at the same time or the base alone for 2 looks in one.

Lou Lou~~Well dang it woman what took you so long. You know I was waitin' on that sexy melonish color ya'll got to go with my peppermint mini skirt. I been clashin' for over a week now. *scoofs* I think my fav-or-ite hair in that there series,as ya'll call it, is the gothic...my..my..my how Bud and Billy Joe love tuggin' on those pigtails when they is....*cough*. Well..enough of all that *as she leans back in her lawnchair to let out a competition winning burp...chugs her bud and lights ..yet ..another Marlboro* a lady on a fine ole' afternoon like this, gots way more important things to do then sit here and chit chat about hair, when I could be doin that at the parlour.


Work your magic!

Sheltered~~ Every Bewitched woman knows how to "work her magic," strut her stuff and show the world what she's made of. We here at Bewitched try to accommodate all your style needs. You'll find a wide range of styles from the flapper days up to modern up-dos and even hawks for the inner goth child in all of us. Show the rest of Sl who you are, express yourself and show how trendy you can be by becoming...."Bewitched." Expect the stop and stare from onlookers, hold your head high knowing you look beautiful and sexy, and be proud of who you are and how you look. Let us be there to guide your style and help you "work your magic."

Lou Lou~~ (with her southern twang of course) Well dang it woman now ya gone and done did it. Gonna have them girls runnin' amuck all about my shop flingn' hair around like a bunch of school girls. *cough* Now all you young ladies remember the fellas are gonna be all over ya now. Need to *hack... cough.... weeeeze* make sure ya'll are ready for the adorin' fans. *hikes up booty shorts to thier final resting place and scratches a well-placed itch on the rear end* I do know that even us un-trendy but ever so ladylike gals like myself *burps as a curler falls to the floor... and, oh god... the bend to retrieve is way more than we wanted to see... o.O* even have hairs to choose from for our late nights down at Carl's Tavern. Big and beautiful I always say, just like the queen herself, Miss Dolly Parton.

Woot..make way for the newcomer to blogin!!

You know me and my alternate personality, Miss Lou Lou, are true hair fans. Though we both have very different styles. Miss Lou Lou to put it mildly ..*cough*...is the true grits to the older generation. Because her chain smokin, crotch crawlin shorts, high heels at the age of 63 and a lifetime of bleach for the fried locks she struts about, havent killed her yet, does that really make her the hair expert?...I think not!. This blog is where we at Bewitched Hair will let Lou Lou bet her battles and loose to the likes of her nemisis, Sheltered Heart, one of SL's many hair designers. Each post will have rantings by the Miss Lou Lou (about anything and everything, prolly compleatly unrelated to anything important :/) and a post by her better half, Shel, about new products, styles and events from Bewitched Hair.