6 new styles

Been on hiatus with traveling to get my munchkin and gettin sick.....(i blame fallin)...lol. But i've gotten a few out here for u guys and thier out in the mian shopow...also if your in the group you get a gree copy in your group notices. First is Sandie, cute little style done in the sexy flexi curls we got, there is a messy ragged bang and the front is pulled back with a silver detailed band. Next is Belle 2, it is a shorter less full version of Belle which is further down the line..lol. Next is Leslie, simple style consisting of a parted top and bouncy curls around the base of the head..perfect style to add accessories too such as flowers or hats. Next is Belle, which is a sexy, long and full set of pig tails. Crown is parted beautifully and the bangs are just perfect for any face. Next is Monica, this style is perfect for the sassy sophisticate , the formal beauty or the modern lady. It's messy ....it's chunky....its styled with every hair in consideration..lol. Last is Bree, now this style is inspired by one of my daughters Bratz dolls...its a kinda pony/up-do..the front is parted back to a puff of curls on the top of the head and then flows back to the base of the neck into a ponytail of curls that goes past the middle of the back. This style also comes with a pair of optional texture change bangs for those who dont like the no bang look..lol. All these styles come in the 39 colors we have, packs run from 195L to 225L and the everything packs are 1600L.

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