* new styles..! new costume and 3 male facial hair

Well as always i go bananas when i get stuff ready for a release..I go from 3 styles to 8..lmao.....first we have Billie, flexi curl style..very cute with butterfly clip accents with bling....second is Mia, tight pull on the top to a row of knots around the skull with very long flexi curls.....third is London, sophisticated side pony with a tailored top and bangs...fourth is Geisha, name speaks for itself and it comes with the hair ornaments which have flexi ....ffifth is To the beach, sassy retro inspired style comes with sunglasses...sixth is Toby, flexi curl style which comes with the Toby Keith inspired cowboy hatr...grrrrrr baby yeah!!...seventh is Izzie, which was a special request for the namesake..it is a flexi curl styles side pony with a loose top and knots...last butnot least is Zoe, gothic inspired flexi curl style with a spectacular shape and optional texture change bangs. Also released was "puuuuuurdy kitty"...kitty accessoires for the neko in all of us...flexi ears, tail, hair and whiskers..too cute.
The shop itself has had a makeover ..we relized after talking to a few ppl that the layout weas a bit cumbersome for ppl..cammers and flyers alike..rofl..so now its all been set up more neatly and in a better layout for easier access..come check it out!!;)

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