12 new releases total this week!!!

Highdy ho neighbour!!!!.Lots of goodies out this week. First here we have the non contest winners. Numero uno shown is Tonya, very sexy asymmetrical style. The back is short and gets longer as it comes to the front of the face. Duex..(:P) is Natalia, cute..ultra cute pigtail style, lots of curls for that controlled messy look. Number three is Robin, this is a stunning short updo style that would be great for the holidays. It comes with an antique clip in the front and bobby pins on either side pinning the hair back.Fourth is Angela, this is a sophisticated simple pony that gathers at the base of the skull and flows thigh length in soft layers. Number five is Sarah, definitly a unique style with its twisted strands pinned in the back and loose strands falling round the face. Sixth is Jasmine, I love the bangs on this one and the fact that the hair is held atop the head with braids. Jasmine aslo has the soft layered ponytail which is waist length. Last in this pic is Lourdes, This is my favorite style out of all the styles Shel has done. I love how dramatic it is and hour the hair falls and move..(totally loving this new fringed texture)..the tails are the perfect length and the bands pulling the hair away from the head are even awesome.LOVE THE BETTY BANGS!!!..hahaha......Ok im alright now hahaha...make sure you come check em out...and read below for the styles created for this months photo contest winners.

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