6 new male / unisex

This week Shel got a nice release of male hair out...but the ladies can easily wear em too...cept for the beard she says..but i say..whatever floats your boat..haha. OK first we have Drow Warrior, tre cool style..it is a blunt mohawk with a soft but MANLY ..lol..ponytail. The band is texture change too. Next is Brad, after Brad Pitt, shoulder length shag style with natural bangs and in the new fav feathery texture. Third is Augustus, professor meets hippy I think..lol. I love the beard and the glasses are just awesome. The hair is a basic straight flexi style and all 3 pieces come in each pack. Fourth is Phoenix, awesome ponytail with strapping holding the hair back (which is texture change), there is good fringe around the face and the more manly bangs so the guys feel comfortable wearing it. Fifth is Dylan, this is a style a few guys had requested of Shel so she decided to finally get off her keister..its a shoulder length wavy style ..no flex... and just loose back off the face for that "just got out of bed and ran my fingers through my hair" look. Last but not least is Snoop 2 (pimpin), and in my words the name is perfect..haha...grab your fur coats, wing tipped shoes, canes and pink cadillacs guys ...oh and the dice for the rear view mirror...LMAO!!...this style is hawt and the ladies would look ultra sexy in it and some lingerie..OW!..HOTz!!

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Chica Indigo said...

Hi Kory! Wanted to thank you and all the guys behind Bewitched for the great store you have and the fantastic service you give to us (specially the secret sales). BTW I tagged you! To see what I am talking about just read about the tag game at my blog: http://chicaindigo.blogspot.com/ It would be great to know more about you and all the ppl behind such a great SL store! :-)