3 new styles ..NEW CURLY TEXTURE!!!!

OMG!!!...there is a new curly texture at Bewitched!!! I love the new styles specially the pigtails, just too damn cute. First style here is Rikki, the long curls in it are flexi and move completely realistic, I can't get over how well this texture looks. This is a shoulder length messy wave style with a slightly parted top and it even comes with optional texture change bangs to fill in the front if you don't go for that no bang look. Second shown here is Lacey, too cute perfect for the kids, sexy school girl or urban goth. The pigtails are flexi with the new awesome texture and fall shoulder length. Last but not least is Shanti, shoulder length as well, this one comes with a NON-optional cowboy hat popular here at Bewitched. If you don't care for the hat, the Rikki style is basically the same length so could be worn instead. The new styles and the ones released 2 days ago will be placed in their sections today in alphabetical order. Also the group gift has been set out in the long hair, short hair, and pigtails section(which is where all new items are located).

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Lady Pichot said...

Cute, cute, cute...Can't wait to try them!