The future of Bewitched Hair

Slowly things have been done to improve your experience at Bewitched Hair. There have been several rebuilds and re-boxing's to get what is good for Shel and Fall as well as you all. With the help of some of the staff and outside sources things will finally be streamlined for maximum quality. Some of the changes to be made in the future will consist mostly of events and staff involvement. The survey that had been sent out a while ago had alot of group members wishing there were places to just hang out, talk or just be social with each other. Also concerts and more hair drops were mentioned. Hair releases and secret sale we hope will be more on a set schedule rotating week by week.

Shel has made a little tropical get away where group members can go to relax, take in the sites and just enjoy the company of your friends away from the busy shop.

The beach house also in the recreation area is the perfect place to take pics or just have a little more privacy from the other people relaxing. Besides casual furniture located in this area, pose balls will be put out shortly for many styles of pictures and fun, such as swimming and group photos.

The gift card will be a permanent item in the shop due to customer request and popularity. There are two located in the main hall where you Tp into. One is located between up-do's and Essentia, the other is directly across, between Pony's and Agony Designs.

The vendors have all been redone to conserve space and to give the shop a more appealing look. Also with all the boxing, mistakes have been fixed such as missing items or no bangs in the demo box. Everything has a more consistent feel and look especially the size. You may not see the boxes when you teleport into the shop because you are so far away but when you stand in front of the vendors now they don't seem like they are about to engulf you. The best part to the size is now we can have the vendors set up 2 high instead of 4, which for those of you who prefer not to fly or cam (or those who don't know how yet) while shopping have an easier time viewing all the styles.

Unisex styles have also been cut down to save space. Instead of having 2 vendors out for styles made for men or women they have been reduced to just in the male section and labeled as unisex...( the word UNISEX will appear on such ads on the right hand side under the name) . Not only does this save space it is more clear for the men who sometimes are not sure if a style is suitable for them but also for secret sales.(someone yells Snoop is 1L..but its the snoop in the men's section not the women's....so it leads to confusion for some)

For those looking to find a color demo to see what we have to offer its located in the main hall between pony's and piggies.
There has also been chairs added just outside the shop for people to relax in or to wait for the prize chairs to open up..which also have been placed at the front of the store and will be updated every so often to switch up the packs in the chairs

We hope that in the near future we can have more events..more fun...more concerts and more contests to build up our community again. Shel says "The holidays have kept us so busy and even before the holidays we moved..it just seemed we couldn't be here as much as we wanted too. But that will change now in the new year. We want to get back to the way it was in the beginning..well kinda beginning..rofl...I been making hair for a year and a half...but back like it was 8 months ago."

We are taking ideas for events in the shop and your input on the new layout. Just leave a comment here on the blog to save Shel's inventory from note card overload..haha.

Have an awesome weekend!

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Lindsay said...

Happy New Year! I love the new layout...it's easier to find my way around. I used to get lost in the old sim as bits were similar. I also like the cream colour scheme...the red one
was hard on the eyes when trying to look at the vendors during the sales.

Thank you for giving us such a shop.