New styles out and huge partaaaaaaay!!..rofl

Hey guys we have 6 styles out today fashioned after some of Hollywoods glamorous and notorious. first is Paris and is a moidern slick style that is flexi, second is Elisabeth which is styles after Elisabeth from Pirates of the Carabiean, third is Erykah after Miss Badu herself and comes with 2 wrap styles, fourth is Farrah after the 70's icon and Charlies angel beauty, fith is Mrs Mayer after Jessica Simpson and the last is Carmen styled after Carmen Electra...very sassy verrrrrrry sexy come check em out Were on Lemon Island.

Also dont forget the huge party were having today starting at 1pm SL time and goin til 10pm artist list and times as follows
1pm: Cylindrian Rutabaga
2pm: Smily Raymaker
3pm: Capos Calderwood
4pm: Mercy Vandeverre
5pm: Etherian Kamaboko
6pm: Forsythe Whitfield
7pm: Komuso Tokugawa
8pm: Jaggpro McCann
9pm: Blue4U Nowicka


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