New releases for today

Todays new releases are a flexi-curl pony for male and female, its just a simple pull back thats mid length. Next style is Liz, which was inspired by Liz Taylor from the 1950's, its a classic look , short with beautiful framing around the face and curls all throughout. Last style to be released today is Rockin 2, this one will be released later tonight and will be updated and have the tips available, this style is also flexi and is unisex

Last nights Hair Drop went awesome with prolly over 240 ppl showing up. Those of you who dont know what the hair drop is, i'll explain. We select 5 styles and mark them down 50 to 75% off reg price, and we select a color from each style and put it in a folder..and when u drop in for the event...Fallin drops a folder on u with the 5 styles in it. We all dance and party it up having a great time in the process. Its a chance for ppl to come get to know us and us to get to know them..we love our little family:))..we have em somewhat randomly so to get info on the next one you can join the Bewitched Hair Update Group. We are a stedily growing family you can get updates on releases, hair news in general,events, and when there are new releases a free copy is sent out to all group members

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