Recent releases

The above pic is some of the styles we have released in the last week or so iv'e been feelin kinda retro..rofl...first we have Boogie Fever, which is a flexi afro puff...tis adorable, second is Kylie, this is a side pony with flexi in it and optional bangs with texture change, next is Fabulous, very sleek chin length style with flexi, and last is Laynie, which was inspired by Betty Page and created for Laynie Link of Layniewear, this one is also flexi.

Sorry for not keeping the blog up...been so darn busy its insane..rofl. We have moved to an island of our own and set up shop in what we hope will be a much less laggy and much more comfortable place to shop and hang out.The Hair N Your Food Cafe has been expanded and given a nice little facelift as well wiht a patio space out back where we'll be hosting pizza now and then. We have been workin our butts off gettin ready for the big show on June 15th with like 9 hours of live entertainment. Our last show was a huge sucess and we hope to have the same with this one. There will be random gifts and a bunch of new releases or hair designed after some of Hollywoods top celebs:)).

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