7 new releases

Hellllooo everyone 7 new releases out @ Bewitched today and a new hat!!!...The hat is styles after Shel's fav country singer, Toby Keith's signature hat. The first style is a mid length wavy style which has flexi of course, the hat has lots of detail and is suitable for the cowgirl or guy or the rockabilly in all of us. The male version is a little larger for u laddies like myself who need the breathinroom ..rofl..get the males:PP. The second image here is 2 non flexi style...yet again same style just resized for male to female...simple..sexy or all bout buisness. Also on this pic is the style Hannah...gorgeous is all ima say bout this one...I begged it off Shel like 3 days ago..hehehe...good for formal..sexy..casual..doesnt matter.Last image is Amanda and Lou-anne. Amanda is a sexy little curly number with the new Toby Keith hat and Lou-anne is a longer version of Amanda..but with a slightly different hat..no strings..and it is texture changeable..with over 31 textures

Hugs...Bewitched Reporter

Kory Jewell

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