Ok im a slacker..:/

I been bustin out style after style and have yet to update this page..rofl....so ima do a run down on all the new stuff....there are a shit load of style out..i did a rough colage so u can see em a bit list oif styles is below..

Casey~~Bette~~Johnny~~Milano~~City CHic~~Go-Go~~Honor~~Lucy~~Carey~~Abigail~~Tish~~Snoop~~Honey~~Alex~~Bethany~~Eva~~Joy~~Morgana~~Casey~~Blossom~~Ashley~~Chloe~~Toni~~Tandi~~Mary-Kate~~Marley~~Britney~~Alyssa~~Theron~~Old World

Some of these styles had add ons like jewlery sets...2 versions or scripted items like texture change headbands and hats.

Not including the items that have been retired recently and the items in the clearance section, we have over 100 styles to choose from. We can dress just about anyones head, from the gothic to the formal , costum hair, punk, mens womens, big and beautiful and even styles for the retro fan and sophisticate.

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