8 new styles and a NEW TEXTURE!!!

8 hot new styles out..and when i say hot i mean it. I am soo loving the new texture Shel has..it's a kinda sorta fethery , whispy, shag look...its very sexy and very realistic looking. Also as always the Bewitched hair just moves so nice, your gonna love em. First we have Alycia, once again Fall has outdone himself with the sculpties, the riding hat looks awesome and with that new texture u can't go wrong. That hat is also texture changeable so it will go with just about anything. Second we have Dakota, very sexy length and the sweep bangs give a sultry look no matter your pose. Third is Alycia 2, this is the same as the origninal one but the hat is detachable and texture change as well. Fourth is Lola, slick half updo half ponytail, great for a more formal look or a chic modern look in Greenwich Village. Fifth is Crystal, a very sleek style with sexy soft and feathery bangs. Then we have Gracie, cute but classy shoulder length style done with the new texture..and it comes with texture change bags that are optional. Seventh is Talulah, messy pulled back up-do/ponytail with soft blunt bangs and flyaways on the crown. Last is Flower Child, yet another sleek style with razored bangs and comes with optional daisey wreath.

Also all everything packs have been marked down to 750L!!!

Shel also wanted me to give a mention to the new staff here @ Bewitched...

Lyselle Munro~Manager

PinkSkittlez Lane~Rep

Aniaz Oh~Rep

Cathryn Kappler~Rep

Shanti Sands~Rep

Shawndra Shilova~Rep

Also there is a whole new costomer service area with teleport map, lots of info on store policies and customer support.

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