4 new styles & costume

OK...Fallin has out done himself with these new sculptie hats..they are so awesome..and Shel has ben having a ball with em as you can see. Shes gotten requests for more styles with hats..and shes here to please....first we have Mylie....modern retro feel..but also good for formal wear or even if you wanted to goth it up some...its a great everyday look, it even has texture change in the bands. Next is Matilda, texture change sculptie cowboy hat and those sexy swaying curls Shel is so famous for..haha. Third is Julep, as in mint julep, it reminded Shel of the southern ladies out for the afternoon in the south watching the Kentucky Derby....hat is texture change and flowers are color change and the style is a side pony done in the flexi curls. Fourth is Cassidy, cute knotted pigtails with sultry sweep bangs, topped off with a texture change cowboy hat.
Ok and last but not least is the Cosin IT costume...gawd I thought I was gonna die laughin when i saw it..never had i even seen on in SL before and you'd of thunk someone would have done it...if someone has...my appologies...just never seen it.....Shels magic fingers are all over this one though the flexi as always @ Bewitched moves awesome and comes with a shape, a glitch outfit, the hair with hat attached and a titler with the ever famous ""yippiieippppipeeepppiiieeppyyypppiipppeeppeppeep !" text ...cant just look like Cousin IT ..need to sound like him too...haha

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