7 new releases!!!

Gotta love release day wooot......Shels got 7 out this time..one of which has costume pieces (rest of the outfit from the pic can be bought at Bewitched Designs) and is called Archangel...the hair itself is called Angelica and comes with color change wings, eyes, prim eyes with bling and 2 versions of the hair..one with and one without the color change halo. Second shown here is Scottie, this one was designed for this dress which can be bought @ Bewitched Designs. The hair has a simple bang, part down the left side and is accented with knotting around the crown of the head. Third (purple outfit) is Willow, yet another inspiration of a Bewitched Designs outfit..very sexy sweep from left over the right shoulder with Bewitched Hairs signature flexi curls. Fourth (white dress) is Petra, this one comes with texture change bangs and egyptian accents, which are optional. The style itself is a loose messy braid which hangs over the left shoulder with a blunt cut. Fifth is Showgirl, definitly a unque style..up-do/formal/gothy/mohawk/classic...it kinda suits it all. This one has the cute little mini top hat which is optional and texture changeable...also the veil is colorable and flexi. Sixth (very top) is Celeste, cute sassy cut with blunt but soft bangs. This style has flexi throughout to give added movement and soften the look. Last but not least is Bridget, its a "I wanna go driving in a 1963 convertable" kinda hair. This one comes with a texture change scarf and texture change glasses which can be worn either in the top of the head or on the bridge of the nose. Its a side pony with a small gethering on the left side top of the head, the pony itself is waist length and made of flexi curls.

We have sales often and fun things goin on all the time on the island and there is usually someone always around to give a hand.

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