6 styles released last week:/

Good day fellow hair fools...I have been away for a bit bad bad bad me..hehe...I NEED A SPANKING!!..ok..so heres me catching up:D. first shown here is "Lad", chin length stye..yup there be flexi in it and the hat be sculpty. Next is "Felicity"hoodie and hair combo..(Shel's first attempt at clothing)not too shabby!!. Love the whole look there in the pic with the bootay shorts..hehe. Next is "Katie (classic)" I can't wait to find me a ball gown to wear with this one. Fourth is "Tangles" very cute, would be great for a neko or just something adorable to wear with your jammies. Next here is "Katie" this is just an extended version of the Katie classic for those ladies who just HAVE to have flexi.Now last but not least is "Lass", essentially it's the female version of Lad, it's a funky style that is very verstile. All these style can be found in their coresponding sections at the Bewitched Hair main store on Lemon Island. Regular packs are 195L and the everything packs are 750L with 50 to 60 colors(depending on the style).

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