10 new releases!!

Of course...just when I get back to start posting again Shel decides to punish me with a 10 style release!!...*breaths*...ok...in the first pic we have "Naomi" and "Jessie", Naomi is a very classic style, soft and romantic(mix and match with bangs is you don't like the nakey forehead). Jessie is a elegant up do style being held in place with 2 jeweled bone clips that have the bling on/off option.In the second pic we have "Sock hop" and "Megan", Sock hop is a classic, innocent style great for any era. Hair ties are texture change too so you can match it to any of your outfits. Megan is a fairly medieval style goes modern. The front sides are braided and pulled to the back. This is a very trendy style right now for you fashonista types..hehe.Third pic is "Bedded" and "Swinger", Bedded is a short sassy."I just got out of the shower after getting out of bed with you look"..hehe, I find it very sultry. Swinger, a request from a group member, is a 60's go go dress wearing/Austin Powers kinda style...*I hear yellow submarine for some reason*. The fourth pic has "Molly" and "Vanessa" in it. Molly is a sexy side pony with a small braid in the front as well as optional texture changeable bangs. Vanessa is a High School Musical replica, inspired by Vanessa Hudgens, very cute braided piggies. Also in this pic is a couple outfits by a friend of Shel's, Bronwynn Nightfire. She just opened a little shop with her partner on the island called Agony Designs...check em out...very cool stuff. Last shown here is "Alexsis" and "Hayden", Alexsis is a pigtail style done in the awesome flippy texture and has a sculpty riding cap (cap is NOT optional). Hayden is a cool style which looks sculpty...but it isnt....Shel said she was gonna call it the "I don't need no stinkin sculpties" style but figured that was a little long winded..HAHA...regardless..very cool..and my fav of this weeks release.......MERRY CHRISTMAS YA HAIR NUTS!!....make sure you stop on in at Lemon Island and snag ya some new goodies or a gift card for that special someone.

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