Well..I'm a silly silly girl and didn't even notice I had been tagged.....I don't play much on SL anymore because Rl has just become way too busy. So I got Shel to write down the 8 things about herself and I'd post them...you guys probly want to know more about her then me anyways....HAHA...and I spell checked for her you all kown how notorious she is.....

Sheltered Heart

1.I get severe anxiety for silly things like when the mail comes or when the phone rings...rofl..or when my mom IM's me saying.."you have to call me".

2. I'm a chef, true to heart and profession. One of my passions is to cook, especially for my family and for company. I ran a restaurant up home in Canada but I'd prefer to have my own place some day or just cater...I hate restrictions or someone telling me I can't do something..specially when it is something I am doing creatively.

3. I am good at alot of things but not absolutely fantastic at any of them. I can draw pretty good but not an artist by no means..I'm good with prims but not a goddess..can sing but not no Mariah Carey, can dance but Usher would shame me..rofl.They say to be excellent and one thing is better then good at alot of things..I want to know what idiot said that, I wouldn't enjoy half the things I do if I wasn't able to do them somewhat good(I think the person who said that is a pompous gent who had little skills and needed reassurance..rofl:D)

4.Me and Fall met almost 2 years ago in game..were friends for a while....started to work together and partner in game round April 06'...we then were married in game on Nov 22ND...and a couple weeks later decided it was time to meet in RL...he tried to come to Canada but they deported him the next day..(he spent the night in a boarding house 3 hours away from me but I couldn't get there..it was the first time he got to see snow)...so I decided I was gonna take my small town girl butt to Florida and be with him....landed here January 29Th..we finally met face to face in a greyhound station:D....got married Aug 25Th...and are now happier then pigs in poop.

5.We have a dog and 3 cats...all of whom have been rescued..the dogs name is Buddy..and the cats are Sully, Roofus and skinny(or widdle baby)we also have a 12 year old daughter..rofl who is messier then the cats and dog and gets in more trouble..lol she's absolutely stunning and were trying to talk her into working for Disney..rofl I'ma need a shotgun once she hits 16.

6.I had a crappy and rough childhood..lots and lots of bad stuff...nothing of my parents doing (was living with my dad at the time)but what doesn't kill u makes you stronger right...I'm 27.. my daughter is 12..I got pregnant when I was 14 and living with a woman who probly shouldn't of had her own children let alone me..(gotta love when ur dad gets cranky and kicks u from the house to live with someone u babysit for) lol...got to take pride in who you are and where you've come from.

7.I think I was a southern lady in a past life..the lifestyle and culture has always enchanted me..I LOVE YOU PAULA DEAN!!...the era of carriage's and formal sitting rooms and afternoon tea in the middle of the sweltering heat of the summer, has always made me ache to have been born in Savannah Georgia come turn of the century. Some day I hope to live there, we don't live far atm and I've only driven through so far but I'd love to live there..either when I retire or manage to talk Fall into it..lol my mother in law is one of these southern ladies her daddy was a Governor so I'm just awestruck when she tells me about her childhood.

8.I am an Irish lass true blood..least I consider it that way..its funny you don't really connect with your culture til your no longer a part of it. Rarely thought of myself as being anything other then Canadian...until I left and then I guess I decided I needed to hold onto something of my culture....its easily swollowed here in the south cause there is so many cultures..so I have me Irish tunes and me Irish books and me Irish meals me likes to cooks..rofl(i think I'm even rubbin off on Fall..)

I hope you enjoyed your tidbits and I'll try to talk Fall into writing one up....and a big thank you to Kory of course for doing all these blogs...hugs:))


Chica Indigo said...

OMG Shell your story about how you and Fall met is sooooo romantic! But Im asking myself why they deported him? I bet he said he was in love with you ans wanted to stay lol. Anyway Im so very happy for you guys, I wish you the best. Thanks for answering the Tag game, it was great to know more about you! BTW I met your mom at her showcase at the Peristelli mall this sunday (I model there) and have to say, shes fantastic! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi, LOVE your hair and your blog...no need to post this, just wondering, have tried to join your update group several times and it never gives the option to join? Are you at a point where you cant add new members? If you just want to IM me if I should keep trying I am on SL as Ruby Albatros. Thanks and have a great holiday