The Designers Series

Now I know I say I love EVERY style Shel puts out but I think these 3 take the biscuit...the reason?...they are just different especially number 2 and 3.These are inspired by some images Shel found in UK hairstyles magazine. They are slick..not a hair out of place, chunky, chic styles great for the runway or with your everyday attire. First shown in "Mischief", very classic up do and ultra tailored. Second is "Sophisticated"this is a side pony sitting atop the head and pulled tightly for a more modern look. Last is "Daring", now I am not sure I would wear this style everyday but it is definitely not something I have seen before. It for sure is something more deserving of a catwalk..(maybe with some weird funky dress like..made from garbage bags or something..haha) But what can I say I cant ADORE everything in the shop.

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