Shel's peeved...WATCH OUT!!!

Well..I have come accross some pretty foul ppl in SL...but I dont think anyone has ever surpassed the owners of Isle of Labyrinth.In the past they have had run ins with the Bewitched foursome(Shadow, Wiccan, Sheltered and Fallin) and now seem fit to attack our friends Bronwynn and Phoenixxx as well. Shel has decided to speak her mind on the subject, and to let you all know in case any of you are renting from them.

~Sheltereds quotes~

I have decided to speak for a friend and to set the record straight in case this situation is taken to the point where anything she feels needs to be said is lost in accusations and ramblings of a psycho.We have been dealing with the childish behavior of Serenity Peart and Devo Reitveld, owners of Ilse of Labyrinth. I will post my friend PhoeniXxX Nighfires conversation with Serenity Peart at the bottom of this post. Because of this conversation Serenity has decided to wage war on Agony Designs by slandering their names through public channels such as thier group and Sellers Guild. He has claimed among other things that FallinMy Webb, Shadow Weaver, Wiccan Sojourner, PhoeniXxX Nightfire, Bronwynn Nightfire and myself are ALL the same person. Now gimme a @#$% break. We all have designs, many many designs, that could not possibley have been created by one person. Fallin and I have spent most of our morning chasing off these children from our shop. First with thier main accounts and then with alts,(not to mention Devo and Serenity are the same person in RL and as they have told me so in the past when i rented on thier island) . He also is insinuating that a pair of Bronwynns boots are a stolen design. I will give him this much...they do look alot like boots that MANY designers sell. It is a very popular design and I've seen them all over game and in the RL in one shape or form. Bronwynn is a RL friend of mine and we taught ourselves photoshop and PSP together in MY office. I know what she is capable of in terms of original designs and also know that she would not risk what has been a very promising start to her SL designers career by stealing anyones work. Let the quality of her designs distinguish her from the others wether she decides to sell a very commonly designed boot or not. We stand 100% by the designs created by Bronwynn and PhoeniXxX and WILL NOT remove them from our shop or be intimidated by this childish bullshit. If haveing an item for sale that is similar to anothers is not acceptable when the item is as generic as this, then I accuse Serenity of the same because she sells spike heels. Bronwynn has offered to remove her things because she is afraid of the effect on us since we are housing her atm and we have told her we wouldn't let her be run off by a jackass who can't get it up unless hes creating drama for ppl who rent from him. Bronwynn is no newb when it comes to buisness and has a main account she does well on. Attacking someone because you realize your own short standings is a lonley way of life and we now see why your location is slowly getting less and less business. Take a lesson from the season and learn that if you bite someone, you always will be bitten back harder.Playing hardball with threats will get you everywhere you don't wish to be. Be wary if you are reading this and rent places to sell your wares if you come accross a solicitation from this place, Isle of Labyrinth,they will kiss your ass and talk you up but as soon as you have a backbone of your own the fangs and claws come out and there is no edge of reason for this guy (devo/serenity). I am sorry for my ranting but posting this here I thought would be more polite then spamming you all in world. If you get harrased while in the shop or solicited please let me or Fall know and we will handle the situation imediatly. Below is the initial conversation between Serenity and Bronwynn's partner. The rest has been lost by Bronwynn due to a perfect timing PC crash..:/. To put emphases on the convo below..this is the simple paragraph that set set this person off to a grid wide attack bringing it to groups and to lemon island for the sake of his/her own enjoyment. Bronwynn was able to copy/past the convo she had with Serenity into the isle of Labyrinth group before she was ejected and others saw what we do now. Bronwynn has since had to Mute Serenity because she would not leave her alone, saying she knew all the places she rented from and she'd have them booted from there..she would contact Sellers Guild, she accused her of copying designs, name calling, and badgering. Bronwynn just watched IM after IM pop up until she muted her and sent in a harrasment report to LL.

[9:23] PhoeniXxX Nightfire: Hello Serenity^.^ I wanted to check my wifes rental here and pay if neccesary but I cant tell what her balance is...could you help me?

[2007/12/27 9:24] Serenity Peart: She has to do it, she was just on my radar so she could have paid into to it herself

[2007/12/27 9:25] PhoeniXxX Nightfire: she had to run somewhere....most rental systems allow others to pay your rent so was hoping you could take a second and do that...but guess I will tell her she has to come back later..

[2007/12/27 9:26] Serenity Peart: no most rentals do not do that for safety purposes, you must have been paying into a shitty rental system

[2007/12/27 9:26] PhoeniXxX Nightfire: lmao ok

[2007/12/27 9:26] Serenity Peart: yeah keep laughing

[2007/12/27 9:27] PhoeniXxX Nightfire: its actually the same designers as your rental system...but anyways the wife was busy and I was trying to help her....if you dont provide service to your patroins I understand....as there are shitty rental systems so are there shitty mall owners

[2007/12/27 9:27] Serenity Peart: what good would a rental box be if you could just pay money into it from anyone, that sounds like a cluster fuck

[2007/12/27 9:27] Serenity Peart: excuse me are you being an asshat?

[2007/12/27 9:28] PhoeniXxX Nightfire: it doeasnt change the owner of the rental it asks if youd like to pay for THAT persons rental and if you say no it wont takwe your monety...seems maybe your system is outdated not others?

[2007/12/27 9:28] PhoeniXxX Nightfire: no I'm responding to your actoing like a douche bag[2007/12/27 9:28] Serenity Peart: i provide more service then half the malls i have ever dealt with, dont be an asshole or your wifes rental will be refunded and eliminated, good day

[2007/12/27 9:29] Serenity Peart: ok, your done, good bye
[2007/12/27 9:29] PhoeniXxX Nightfire: g'bye prick
[2007/12/27 9:29] Serenity Peart: bye bye noob
[2007/12/27 9:29] Serenity Peart: MUTE
[2007/12/27 9:40] Serenity Peart: bye bye shadow
[2007/12/27 9:41] Serenity Peart: say hi to wiccan and sheltered

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