Shel~Hello everyone...2 new styles all in one for you all today. I call this the wedding set or "With all my Heart" . The first style is an updo with small knots in the back accented with little tendrils. The second is a similar base but wiht the beautiful curly texture new to Bewitched Hair, that extends down to the knee. Both have beautiful flowers and a special combs with white flowers. All the flowers and the combs have bling. Visit the main store location at http://slurl.com/secondlife/Masan/98/109/301 this style comes in all 29 colors we have to offer and as of May 17th will be available on SLX in an everything pack. The pack as of now can be bought for 250 for a 8 pack(2 styles in 4 colors) at the main location. Old styles are on sale atm for 50% off!!

Lou Lou~Weddin'??....Weddin'??...whos gettin' married?...Yoos' never goinna make an honest woman out of me girlie. NO!...I mean it.....Thats the end of it...I aint sayin' no more.

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