Shel~Heya everyone, got a new style out I think you guys are gonna love. This one,"The Diva", is showcasing the new texture we now have at Bewitched Hair.The curls are big and soft and move beautifully.The Diva comes in all 29 colors we have available and can be bought at our main location for half price until June 1st, just like all other styles in the store. On June 1st we'll be having a big release at our main location, 1908 Mall, with the release of at least 10 new hair, 2 homes, furniture,Bewitched clothing and silks by sexually touched.

in world location is http://slurl.com/secondlife/Masan/98/113/301

Lou Lou~ Well bout dang time yall got me a hair i can cover my unmetionables with while at the beach,its hard to keep all those young mens off all this ya know:/. Thats all i gots to say im late for my foot scrappin appointment.

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