New Look @ Bewitched Hair!!

Sorry everyone..i havent been ablke to post on here for a bit...everytime i logged on the page had errors..:/...but seems all good now:D

Come check out the new look at Bewitched Hair...there is 2 new styles out one is a long pony with the new curly texture we have here at bewitched.. we also have a flexi pigtail style with color change hair bands......besides the new construction of the main store we have 10 new colors , new color pack called " customer favs" and all new vendors...also in the back towards the cafe we have a newbie section with a free shape, hair and 2 outfits for the guys and gals.... we also have a new bangs and extentions section so you can personalize your style:))...come check us out, especially our clearance area where all packs are permanently set to 99L


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