Shel~Hey guys got 2 more styles out for everyone. First one is called "Soprano"..lol..I had said to the hubby it reminded me of a mafia wife so he aptly named it so..lol. It's an up-do type style reminicient of the early 90's but with a modernized front. There is a bannana clip pulling the hair to the crown(im sure all you ladies remeber thie quaft from years gone by..lol) the hair drapes down to the middle of the back and moves beautifully. The front has a more modern look with teased bangs and a razored look over the left eye. The next style is "The Amazonian" This style is similar to Soprano, but has more of an edge to it. More like what a warrior would wear. This style comes with a head piece that has an emerald resting on the forehead, this part has bling. Both styles come in all 29 colors we have available and can be bought half price for the duration of the month at our main store in Masan. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Masan/100/111/301

Lou Lou~(shels alter ego) Woman , what you do, stay up all night playin with your dang hair?...Your gonna get bags under my eyes ya keep this up.I'm tellin ya(as she points to the reader) this woman is de-ter-mind to ruin my social life here. I Been workin on ole' Bobby down the way for a week and he ain't gonna want some tired ole' ...(glances up at image of new dooos)o.O...well i reckon that hair there be purdy. I hush it now but I need me one of those girlie...you know my color (blonde with dk brown roots*rolls eyes*).Alrighty yer forgiven this time but I be needin' my beauty sleep, just you remeber.

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