Buxum Series new and improved!!

Sheltered~~ Hey guys, there have been some needed improvments on the Buxum series. There were some texture and prim issues, but all good now:DD. There is also 13 new colors for this series. The Buxum Series is a soft series of styles ranging from pigtails, ponys and half up-dos. As of right now there is 2 texture types in the buxum series, large wavy and crimped. In the near furture there will be more to come. Hailey, Cassandra and Gothic come in 2 pieces and can be worn both at the same time or the base alone for 2 looks in one.

Lou Lou~~Well dang it woman what took you so long. You know I was waitin' on that sexy melonish color ya'll got to go with my peppermint mini skirt. I been clashin' for over a week now. *scoofs* I think my fav-or-ite hair in that there series,as ya'll call it, is the gothic...my..my..my how Bud and Billy Joe love tuggin' on those pigtails when they is....*cough*. Well..enough of all that *as she leans back in her lawnchair to let out a competition winning burp...chugs her bud and lights ..yet ..another Marlboro* a lady on a fine ole' afternoon like this, gots way more important things to do then sit here and chit chat about hair, when I could be doin that at the parlour.

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