Woot..make way for the newcomer to blogin!!

You know me and my alternate personality, Miss Lou Lou, are true hair fans. Though we both have very different styles. Miss Lou Lou to put it mildly ..*cough*...is the true grits to the older generation. Because her chain smokin, crotch crawlin shorts, high heels at the age of 63 and a lifetime of bleach for the fried locks she struts about, havent killed her yet, does that really make her the hair expert?...I think not!. This blog is where we at Bewitched Hair will let Lou Lou bet her battles and loose to the likes of her nemisis, Sheltered Heart, one of SL's many hair designers. Each post will have rantings by the Miss Lou Lou (about anything and everything, prolly compleatly unrelated to anything important :/) and a post by her better half, Shel, about new products, styles and events from Bewitched Hair.

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