New Style~~Lilly

Sheltered~~ Lou Lou seems to have vanished down the street. She said she was goin to the beauty parlor, but I hear her singing coat of many colors by Dolly Parton at the top of her lungs from Carl's Tavern. Oh well leave more room for me to give you guys info on the new Bewitched DOOO!!

Lilly is a ponytail style from the Buxum Series. The back or pony part is flexi-prim and goes to the base of the back. This part of the style is textured with soft full curls a Buxum standard.the top is pulled back loosely for a great side profile and the bangs frame your face. This style flatters you from front, back and sides and can be worn for any occasion, be it hangin' at the beach or a formal event. This style , as well as the others in this series, comes in 29 colors from extreme in your face color to the naturals. Lilly also comes with Japanese hair sticks with flexi cherry blossoms and are worn seperatly so they can be taken off when u want or worn with another style you have.

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